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Turned off by Kindle

Turned off by Kindle

I’ve had a realisation and it’s going to impact how I work through my TBR.

I have gone off Kindle books - which is a bit of a problem as I currently have 126 of them currently waiting to be read!

I’m just really craving a physical book right now, like the act of actually holding the book in my hands is adding to my enjoyment of the book itself.

I’ve got many, many good books waiting for me in my Kindle library – I love a 99p offer and so buy books whenever I see them discounted – but lately I have found that I scroll through, look at the covers and nothing is grabbing me and forcing me to start.

I think the issue is that I read Kindle books either on my phone or my iPad – and both of those are associated with working. If I’m reading on my phone and something pops into my head I’ll shut the book down to google it or post about it on social media. I can’t switch off.

This week though I have put my phone down and read two physical books The Soulmate Equation which I adored and They Both Die at the End which I absolutely raced through. It was a little bit of self-care which is needed right now.

In fact, I decided to take this treat yourself attitude even further and I brought myself five new physical books – some say it’s irresponsible to spend more but I just say it’s self-care!

So, if you feel in need of a little treat, please take this as a sign to do it!