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TBR Cards go viral again!

TBR Cards go viral again!

Hey Booklover,

Last Friday, one of our customers posted a TikTok video in which she used our TBR Cards to choose her June TBR pile (I love these organised readers who can be so prepared for the month ahead!)

Morgan, who posts under @libraryofmorgan, normally has a few thousand views per video - but in the space of a week this video has got over 103,000 views!

And the impact on our sales was really noticeable, we had our biggest week ever outside of the Black Friday weekend. It's been such a boost, in what is a tricky time to be trying to establish a new brand. 

I wanted to share this with you today as it really shows the huge effect that can be felt by a small business by you sharing your purchase across social media. We always ask people to share and even if your video doesn't get 1000's of views, it might get us a new follower or a new subscriber and one day that person might be a new customer. 

I really know I need to do better on social media in promoting Hey Booklover, but it's just not something which comes naturally to me. So, you know if you can do it for me then that would be great!!!

The other thing is that if you are on Bookstagram or BookTok and looking for content ideas, then can I suggest the TBR Cards? You get 30 cards in the pack so there is huge potential for video content, plus as this video (and many others that have got similarly big engagement) shows people love these sort of videos. 

As always you can get the TBR Cards on our website or we ship internationally via our Etsy site. 

And finally - thank you so much if you have ever mentioned Hey Booklover on your socials or shared any of our products. So many people do this each and every day and I am unbelievably grateful for your ongoing support.